Partners Program

Our solution allows you to use our vehicle tracking software with your brand for GPS tracking

Professional system and mobile apps with your branding

We offer you everything you need to look professional and outperform the competition.

Rich possibilities with various integrations

Integration creates a multi-functional application that can help with your organization’s efficiency.

State-of-the-art platform
and hardware

Fleet on Web offers the highest level of general development both in terms of platform and hardware


Easy. Simple. Effective.
It’s all yours!

Flottaweb Partner Program platform comes with numerous characteristics that you can customize.

These characteristics include the company’s colors, corporate image, business logo, brand name and sub-domain.

Quick and easy branding

Customize the look and feel of your Partner program platform for complete integration with your company’s brand and internal systems.

Take advantage of a pre-built application that maintains your organization’s brand image.

Our Partner Program solution is readily customizable with your logo, colors, and layout and that best suits your business needs.

Quick and easy branding

Customize the look and feel of your Partner program platform for complete integration with your company’s brand and internal systems.

Avoid taking attention away from the core competencies of your business. Our team is able to provide you with a platform that can be customized according to your management needs from the corporate fleet.

Become an Integration Partner

Customize the look and feel of your Partner program platform for complete integration with your company’s brand and internal systems.

By becoming an integration partner of the Flottaweb Partner Program systems, we will collaborate to revolutionize the management of the vehicle fleet, creating vehicles connected with new innovations.

You can improve the value of your solutions and your services with telematic capabilities, opening your market to other customers and enriching your product.


Devices installed



10 years


Complete CRM system for easy business management

Flottaweb Partner Program help companies efficiently manage their vehicle fleets,
allowing them to always be in control of their vehicles.

Flottaweb provides one of the best GPS tracking platform. Our GPS tracking system is aimed to provide all the essential services in a single application. It is compatible with any GPS tracker and runs on every platform without any hurdles. It has various functionalities that make the applications easy to use. We have multiple GPS vehicle tracking software for your distinct requirements. Our only maxim is to facilitate our customers with the ideal solutions.

Track and manage different vehicle routes

Communicate with the driver

Monitor fuel usage and levels

Monitor tachograph data

Monitor your cargo temperature

Monitor driver behavior

Many mobile devices supported

You can manage your fleet of vehicles in real-time, no matter where you are.

Our mobile apps and interfaces keep managers informed at all times. Field workers use our app to see their tasks, navigate to the next job, and submit job completion information.

Save your time and your money

Software perfectly works in all countries and for any type of business.

Building software from scratch takes a large amount of financial resources, personnel, and time. Utilizing our team of experts to architect, design, test, and host your solution eliminates the high cost and pressure of releasing new solutions to the market. Additionally, we manage all enhancements and revisions from our hardware and software partners.

Which option is right for you?

Almost all GPS tracking features covered. There is always one that fits you.


Offer our complete GPS tracking and fleet management platform with your own brand to businesses with vehicle fleets.

Quick 1 day branding
No upfront costs or heavy investments
State-of-the-art platform and hardware
Simple device transfer and integration
Training, guidance and support


Enhance your existing system by switching to our complete GPS tracking and fleet management platform.

Simple, ergonomic system
Easy device transfer and configuration
Constantly integrating new solutions
Mobile applications with your branding
Professional client support

Ready to start?

Choose one of our solutions for tracking your fleet: start your GPS location business or modify your existing system for a brand new Flotaweb Partner Program with full functionality and support. We will guide you through the whole process and provide you with full support and assistance.

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