We are here to help you manage your fleet


Sistemisoft is a company founded in 2007, specialized in the IT and electronic sector.

Thanks to his team of engineers and developers, he created FLOTTAWEB, the technological platform for logistics and road safety. Over the years, new features have been implemented and, today, Flottaweb is able to offer, in a communication platform, a wide range of services.

A special smartphone app has been developed to meet the needs of both settlers and drivers.

The Sistemisoft team works constantly to ensure integration with other application programs necessary for logistics and transport companies, such as management software, loading platforms, tachograph solutions, etc.

Our Mission

Sistemisoft is constantly engaged in research and development.

The primary objective is to provide companies with cutting-edge services through the most advanced technologies. These services will allow a more punctual and optimized management of the fleets with the consequent reduction of costs.

The added value of Sistemisoft is the evolutionary assistance. In fact, there is a continuous support to companies in assessing their needs and customizing the service.

Our offices in Italy

Sede di Sora (FR)

Via Marcello Lucarelli, 1
03039 Sora (FR) – Italy
Tel e Fax: +39 0776 830496
Email: info@flottaweb.com

Sede di Milano

Via Senigallia, 18/2 – Torre A
20161 Milano
Tel: +39 02 64672612
Fax: +39 02 64672400

Sede di Mantova

Via IV Novembre
46045 Marmirolo (MN)

Operatore Regione Campania
Unica srls

Via Vicinale Fiuminale, 36
84016 Pagani (SA)
Tel. +39 081 915878
Sito: www.unica-pagani.it
Email: assistenza.unica@virgilio.it

Operatore Regione Toscana
Orza Rent Srl

Via Adriano Olivetti, snc
56025 Pontedera (PI)
Tel.  +39 0587 482905