24-hour operational center with satellite anti-theft system

Control and management of alarms in real time h24 for 365 days a year thanks to the collaboration with the operational center, certified UNI 10891-2000, UNI 11068-2005 and ISO 9001-2008.

The alarms include door / hatch opening, semi-trailer detachment, driver recognition with integrated anti-robbery function, siren with alarm sending in case of opening with siren inserted, anti-lifting sensor, starting lock and engine stop.

Flottaweb avails itself of the collaboration of ServIm
which is the Satellite Division of the CDO Group and offers satellite surveillance and integrated logistics services in the field of freight transport.

After receiving and verifying the alarm, the operators of the plant warn both the owner of the vehicle and the police to coordinate the intervention.

Anti-theft Security Systems

Flottaweb, thanks to its platform, offers anti-theft, anti-theft and satellite tracking systems always combined with logistics management to improve business efficiency.

Flottaweb’s attention to safety is reflected in participation in specific associations for transport safety, both nationally and internationally.

Servim is associated with TAPA

is the International Association for the Protection of Goods for Transport, which has prepared Safety Requirements, recognized worldwide, as industrial standards to be followed for the safety of warehouses and logistics centers and for the safety of the transport of goods:

  • FSR (Facility Security Requirements, plant safety requirements);
  • TSR (Trucking Security Requirements, safety requirements for transport by truck);
  • TACSS (Tapa Air Cargo Security Standards, security requirements for logistics in airport areas);
  • PSR (Parking Security Requirements, security requirements relating to the parking of vehicles and goods currently in development).

Flottaweb uses high technology systems

FlottaWEB uses high technology systems and partnerships with partners recognized by A.N.S.SA.T. – Trade association on satellite security.

On demand

Collaboration with operations center with Scala Vanini up to the sixth level of security

In the world of satellite anti-theft devices, in the field of transport of high-value goods, the Vanini Scale is the instrument for measuring the level of transport safety.

La Scala Vanini divides the transports into 6 bands according to the overall value of the goods transported and assigns to each band a dedicated procedure, the technology to be used and the controls to which all the subjects involved in the transport are called to comply.

To this end, Flottaweb, by collaborating with the Scala Vanini accredited operations center, on request, can activate the service up to level 6 of security.

All the features

The requirements for safety in the transport of goods are manifold, they differ according to the type of vehicle, the value of the goods transported, the needs of the client.

For these reasons, Flottaweb offers an extensive range of anti-theft and anti-theft monitoring devices, accessories and services dedicated to vehicles , from the simplest to the most complex to comply with international directives and those that are a reference in the field. national.

Codici allarme
SOS – Emergencies

It allows you to have constant monitoring and prompt intervention in case of emergencies.

Volumetric sensors

The volumetric sensors present on the vehicles are monitored in real time by the operations center.

Keyboard lock

Possibility of locking the keyboard in case of emergency theft or tampering.

Portellone aperto
Tailgate Alarm and Control

The model monitors and alerts the anomalous opening of the vehicle doors in real time.

Start-up block

The operations center is able, remotely, to block the starting of the vehicle in case of theft alarm.

Temperatura esterna
Temperature control

The operations center monitors all temperature detection sensors in real time.