Partner Program

Let us take care of technology while you concentrate on your business.

Easy. Simple. Effective. It’s all yours!

Flottaweb Partner Program platform comes with numerous characteristics that you can customize.

These characteristics include the company’s colors, corporate image, business logo, brand name and sub-domain.

Professional system and mobile apps with your branding

It is really as easy as saying: one, two, three. Our platform allows you to customize the design with your brand.

With simple clicks you can rename all our apps and software with your label.

In addition, the domain you created can be easily implemented in our CRM system.

Rich possibilities with various integrations

FlottaWeb Partner Program is more than just management software: it is a complete platform for managing your fleet.

We developed the platform with the aim of integrating your data, your management software and your devices in one place, automating processes and providing you with rapid and complete information to improve your fleet.

State-of-art platform and hardware

FlottaWeb Partner Program provides the most comprehensive and customizable CRM available today.

Our platform allows users to fill all their business needs and manage their clients in the most effective way to maximize brand capabilities:

  • All information displayed on the dashboard
  • Auto Notifications sent to the operator for any event
  • Integration with hardware and sensors

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